Alarms and monitoring
Alarms and monitoring

Alarm system is an inseparable standard of intelligent building. It protects whole house in case of our absence. Thanks to monitoring windows and doors, we are sure that everything is properly closed.

Separation of zones – you sleep on the first floor, the first floor is protected against burglary.

Let’s imagine a simple example. Night, you are already in bed not sure if everything closed? With one command you put the house into night mode. It will check whether all doors and gates are closed, the alarm on the first floor will be armed, the lights will be turned off, etc.

The use of cameras around the house, also increases security, and also increases the chance of recovering stolen goods left on the property.

Monitoring – notification of flooding, leakage, CO2 levels, escaping gas, fire, notification of left-on iron, the correct closure of windows, doors and gates.

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